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Meet the owner: Jarad Clarke -Educator who provides dryer vent cleaning Fort Worth

Updated: 4 days ago

dryer vent cleaning Fort Worth
The owner of Park Glen Dryer Vent Services

Jarad Clarke is a devoted father, husband, and educator, boasting over a year of dedicated experience specializing in the meticulous cleaning of dryer vents within the Fort Worth area. His venture into the realm of dryer vent cleaning was sparked by a profound realization conveyed by his brother - an EMT and Firefighter in North Richland Hills, that many individuals are unaware of the crucial need for periodic cleaning and inspection of the dryer vent.

Driven by a genuine concern for residential safety, Jarad embarked on the establishment of Park Glen Dryer Vent Services, LLC. This venture stands as an embodiment of an affordable and efficient dryer vent cleaning service. Initially focused on the Park Glen vicinity, the company has swiftly expanded its operations to encompass the broader Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Jarad's dedication to ensuring safe homes is evident in his proactive approach to educating the community about the imperative nature of regular dryer vent maintenance.

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